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How To Create A Book Cover

How To Create A Book Cover
How To Create A Book Cover

How To Create A Book Cover 

When it comes to how to create book covers, you’ll find a wealth of opinions on the topic. You’ll find most people fall into one of two camps. The ‘You shouldn’t touch that you’re not a graphic artist,’ and ‘Why shouldn’t you? It’s your book you know it best’ people.

Me, I’m a little in the middle of both. While I agree with the argument that if you don’t know what you’re doing you should stay away, book cover design isn’t rocket science either. Especially if you’re writing in a popular genre.

Take for example if you’re writing in the romance genre and you’ve never designed a book before. A little time spent studying your competition will reveal tropes and image choices sowing up again and again. You’ll find the same model standing in period, or modern clothing, a background image that gives some more information about the time period. A western romance will have a wild west or prairie image, and a historical romance novel will have a grand house, garden or something else that represents that time period.

How To Create A Book Cover  – 4 Book Cover Mistakes

When it comes to how to create a book cover there are some mistake to avoid, here are four ones to watch out for.

1 – Your Font Is All Wrong – Like wearing a pair of clown shoes to a black-tie party, your font is probably the wrong font for your niche. If you pay attention to the fonts that are used on, for example, say a thriller book cover and romance book cover, you’ll see that each one is different.  In some cases, without even looking at the genre the book is in you can actually tell by the font that’s on the cover.

2 – Holding Back –  When I say holding back I mean that you’re showing a lack of confidence by how your book cover looks. Most self-published authors have a tendency to keep the name of the book in a large font size and their own name in a tiny size at the bottom of the cover.  If you look at a lot of the mainstream well-known authors, you find that their name is sometimes actually larger than the title of their book. While this may be so that readers can easily see who wrote the book, I think it’s also a sign of confidence in the work they create. Whereas someone who uses a small font for their name shows a lack of confidence in what they’ve written.

3 – Your Images Are Terrible – Like choosing the wrong font, choosing the wrong book cover image can be just as bad for your book sales. If you think you’re being clever by choosing an image that is unlike anything in your genre, you probably are mistaken. There’s a good reason that all the book covers in your genre all look the same way. By creating a book cover the looks unlike them, you actually draw attention to yourself for the wrong reasons. If at all.

There’s a reason why thriller books have a dark and moody look, and there’s a reason why romance books have a bright look to them. That’s because that’s what readers expect to see. If you think you know more than the large publishing companies, you’re probably mistaken. While you don’t have to copy their covers exactly,  you do have to give the reader the same feeling when looking at your book cover.

4 – You’re Using Amazon’s Book Cover Creator – While Amazon has made it easy for writers to upload their books to the Kindle store, their book cover designer is way below par. By using the book cover creator you’re actually making readers aware that you’re a self-published author, which may be enough for most readers to stay away from you. Even though self-publishing has come along way from its infancy, there still is a tendency to look down on self-published work. And using Amazon book cover creator just makes it more obvious to everyone.

How To Create A Book Cover With Canva

In this section, I’m going to show you how easy it is to create a non-fiction puzzle book cover using  While you mightn’t be making a book cover like the one in the video. It will show you how versatile and easy it is to create a book cover with this great image editing website.



Now, If you’d like to know more….like how to create romance book covers like the one below with Canva, check out Canva Cover Creations here.

how to create a book cover


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