How To Create Digital Products Quickly

How To Create Digital Products

How To Create Digital Products – How To Do It Fast   

Depending on what you want to create, its possible to create a digital product quickly, in mere minutes if you want to. But before I get into the processes of doing that, let’s look at you first.

What I mean is, although you may want to create a digital product quickly,  some people fall down for one of the following reasons…

  • They’re not an ‘expert’
  • They don’t know enough information or qualifications
  • They don’t think anyone will buy their product

Let’s take a look at those ‘excuses’

I’m Not An Expert – Let’s take a look at the definition of the word expert.  Basically being an expert means that you have more experience, or knowledge than I have.

  • If you can teach people to drive and I can’t drive, you’re an expert to me.
  • If you’ve been knitting twenty years and I’ve only just picked up a pair of knitting needles, you’re an expert in my eyes.
  • If you know how to service a washing machine, and I’ve never looked inside one before, you’re the man or woman for me.

Basically, if you know more than the next person, you’re an expert. Even having a head start on your audience means you’re an expert.

I Don’t Have Enough Information Or Qualifications – Again, like not being an expert, most people don’t care about your qualifications when you’ve got a solution to their problem. Take an example from my own life.

A few weeks back I was having problems with my TV. For some reason it decided that it didn’t want to stay on longer than 5 seconds before turning itself on and off.

Looking for a solution, I went to YouTube and searched for a solution.  Thankfully I found one that did the job for me. (It involved a hair dryer and a piece of paper.)

Did I care that the creator of the video had no qualifications, or wasn’t a TV repair man? No. I needed help with a problem and he provided the solution.  Plus he saved me having to buy a TV just before Christmas.

That’s the way your customers/audience are going to look at you and your work. If you can provide a solution that’s going to solve their problem, that’s all they want.

And as for qualifications, how important is a piece of paper when you know what you’re doing. Sure you can go to college, study for 3-4 years, and then after that time they tell you you’re an expert.

Whereas you could be self taught or learned from experience and know more than any college graduate would.

Think qualifications are the be all now?

They Don’t Think Anyone Will Buy Their Product – Put yourself in this situation, you’ve had a blow out and you roll into the nearest garage with the tire barely holding onto the rim.

How much do you want a tire?

You’re a 100% guaranteed customer, right?

But what about ten minutes before when you were humming to the tunes on the radio and enjoying your drive.

How much did you want a tire?

You didn’t right. And so it is with your customers.

If you’re providing a useful service or product that no ones looking for you’re never going to sell it, right?

But if you’re providing a service that people need a solution to, and need help now, you’re onto a winner.

The number of people looking for that solution will also matter. If five people in the world are looking for help, that’s something you’re not going to retire on. However if thousands are, then you’re onto something.

Finding out how many requires some sleuth work and keyword research (something you can find more about here), but once you’ve done your homework you’ll know if it’s a non starter, or something that’s going to change your income forever.

How To Create Digital Products

How To Create Digital Products Fast

Like the beliefs earlier, some people have the mistaken belief that if you’re going to create a product you’re going to have to labour over it for weeks or months before you’ve got something. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Hitting the ground quickly and providing solutions fast means you’ll know sooner if you’ve got a good idea or not. There’s nothing worse than wasting months creating something and releasing to the sound of crickets.

On the other hand, spend a day putting a rough product together, release it and then see if you’ve got any takers. If you don’t, you’ve only lost a day. But if you do, there’s nothing stopping you from going back, polishing up your product, adding new features that your customers are looking for, and then providing a better product. And at a higher price.  🙂

Because of that thinking, I’m going to show you three simple ways of creating digital products quickly.

Repurpose Your Work – Blog Posts

For example, if I wanted to repurpose the content on this blog I could easily take a collection of blog posts and create an ebook from them.  Depending on how I wanted to create it, I could use the Wordress plugin WP eBook Master or go to a website like and use one of their magazine templates for my layout. You can find out how to do it in the video below.

Repurpose Your Work – YouTube Videos

Depending on how long you’ve been working online, you may have a collection of YouTube video tutorials that you could turn around quickly to make a video and audio product. If you don’t,  you could do what I do.

In my own case I take each daily blog post and do a short video where I scroll through the blog post and elaborate on what’s there. Once I’m done I upload the finished video to my YouTube channel.  Now if I wanted to, I could make my video private so that the public couldn’t see it, but strip out the audio track and sell it as an MP3 file.

An easy way to do that is to go to a website like Once you get there it’s a simple process of entering the URL of your video and letting the site convert it in an MP3 track.How To Create Digital Products

Create Videos – Using Screen Capture Software

While one of the easiest ways to create a digital product is to create a video, it does put off some people. They worry about how they sound, they worry about how they come across onscreen, and they worry that to make a video they need to be an expert.  You don’t.

Like anything you try for the first time, creating video can be uncomfortable in the beginning, especially if you’re worrying what the other person thinks of you on the other side.  Don’t.

If you’ve got a skill, a talent, or knowledge that can help me, lose weight, make money, or sleep better, I’m not worried about how you sound. I just want your knowledge.  And the same goes for your audience.

In my own case I went through all that thinking before I created my first course. But I got over it, and very quickly too.  Instead of focusing my mind on what people thought on the other side, I tried to focus on one person alone. And someone I knew. This took the pressure off of me, and when you think about it, you are really only speaking to one person at a time.

So in my Cheap Children’s Picture Book course,  I created a series of screen capture videos going through the whole process of going from nothing, all the way up to uploading and selling a children’s picture book in the Amazon kindle store.

To do it, I used the free software Screencast O MaticHow To Create Digital Products

Nothing complicated. No huge expense. And the course took off and sold really well.

The same could happen for you too.

What could you teach with a simple screen capture software? A series of websites every parent should know about? A tutorial teaching how to install and set up a piece of software? How about a simple series of slides where you teach something of value.

Here’s one I did.

How To Create Digital Products Video

Looks easy, right?

And compared to other types of video, where you have to worry about background, lighting,  expensive equipment, and have the confidence to speak to camera, screen capture videos are one of the easiest and fastest ways of creating a digital product.

The video above took 15 minutes to record. In an hour I could have create 3, 4 or even more that could become a digital training package.

And there you have it, how to create a digital product fast.

As I said earlier, don’t make the mistake of thinking that to create a digital product fast you have to go to great expense, have a world of knowledge, or that it should take weeks or months to do.

You’re good enough and you’ve got the knowledge. Now go out there and take action on it.

If you’d like to know more about product creation and how to sell your completed product, click here.

Best of luck!

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  1. Hi Barry, I appreciate that you’re always teaching and helping us to revisit and up our skills. I’ve used Canva for a couple years, or more now, but still learn more each time I watch one of your videos. I’ve only used a couple of template options before, but see that it’s so much easier doing this than trying to create everything from scratch…and they are done professionally as well. As far as screencast-o-matic, it’s another product I’ve used for a few years and still do not remember to go back and learn beyond the basics. It’s nice to see that you’re keeping up on things to keep us moving forward. Thanks.

    1. Glad to help out, Brenda. People have the idea that making digital products are hard, but as you can see it’s child’s play. A little confidence to get going is all you need.

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