How To Get More Done In Less Time.

…I don’t know much about you, but if you’re like most of us, you’ve got some stuff you’d like to see done.

If it’s fiction writing, you’d like that book you’ve been plotting this last twelve months, done.

That blog you’ve always been promising to start, started.

But you’re caught on a snag.

There’s that little scene that’s you don’t know how to fix yet, that’s holding you back.

There’s that video course on WordPress you’ve got to go through before you’ll begin.

Thing is, that scene, the lack of WordPress knowledge, or a hundred other things aren’t holding you back – it’s you.

You’ll probably argue that if that scene’s not perfect your book’s gonna suck.

You’ll argue that if you don’t know your way around WordPress, your blog is going to suffer because of it.

But what you’ve got right now is enough to begin.

You can take another year pulling the guts of your story apart or you could begin now. Start writing your book today, and chances are you’ll find that scene work out as you’re working through the process.

You can take another six months, reading up on every WordPress setting, technique, and plugin, or you could just simply write that blog post and find out later on that you never even need 90% of what WordPress has to offer.

You see. In that year of waiting around, the excitement for that novel is going to leave you. WordPress is going to keep evolving and you’re going to have to learn even more before you can begin.

I was listening to a recent training from Sean Mize on this very topic. And on the call he asked if there was anyone who was in this situation. Was there anyone who had a legacy project in mind that they’d wanted to do but couldn’t get started?

One caller came forward and said that he’d been sitting on his legacy project for 14 years.

Fourteen years he’d been telling family and friends about this thing he wanted to do. When asked if he was motivated to get started, he replied that he was, but it was already done.

Already done?

Yep, it had been sitting right there on his hard drive never seeing the light of day.

Why? Because it wasn’t 100% right, it needed another little tinkering with, a spit shine, and a hundred other reasons why it wasn’t ready just yet.

All those years wasted when it could have been entertaining people, changing lives, motivating someone to take action, and making a difference in his own life but – ‘It’s just not right yet.’

You’re never going to know enough, be good enough, or anymore deserving than you are right at this moment.

That book of yours could be done in the next 90 days or less.

That first blog post of yours could be done by this evening.

Anything you want done, could be done if you begin today with what you have.

60, 70, 80% knowledge is enough to get started. Once you do get started, you’ll probably find that you know enough, or that on-the-job experience is more important than anything you can learn from a training video.  

Or you could spend another year working on the last 10, 20 or 30%.

But what if when that perfect book does come out, it tanks and disappears off the charts even with 100% knowledge?

What if you find out that you hate blogging after writing a week’s content?

Wouldn’t it be better to find out now, this week, or in a month from now, and then change your course? Rather than find out that information in a year from now while you’re preparing to get started?

The clocks only going one way. – Always forward.

If you want to get more done, tell that little voice in your head that’s telling you ‘That you need a little bit more information’ to take a hike and just get started.

Get started today with what you know and what you have.