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How To Give Stephen King A Run For His Money

…whether  you like his style of writing or not…there’s no taking away from Stephen King.

Since he started pecking away at the keys he’s produced…

…Fifty novels Two hundred short stories And nine collections of short fiction.

And that’s only the stuff he’s published.

I imagine he’s got a few hard drives and typed manuscripts laying around that have never been released.

So how does he come up with so many story line ideas?

Honestly, I think he’s got an army of evil minions that do his bidding.

For us mere mortals though, there are a few ways to come up with story line ideas without resorting
to such evilness.

I’ve put a video together that shows you 5 ways to do it.

You can get the info here.

PS – If you get a movie deal, I want a cut of the money …agreed?


Go here and then get writing.

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