How To Make Money Selling Articles

Engin_Akyurt / Pixabay

Whether this is your very first attempt at making money from your writing, or you’re a seasoned wordsmith, today’s blog post is going to lay out a simple way of making money creating and selling articles.

If I’m sure you’re keen to get started, so lets kick it off.

1 – Pick A Main Topic – If you’re going to write and make money selling articles, you’re going to want to decide on what topic you’ll be writing about. Take your time on this as this is the most important part of the process. You don’t want to write articles on topics that no one wants to read about, or write on a topic that’s here today and gone tomorrow. There are two main categories your ideas will fall under.

Evergreen – These are topics that include, weight loss, exercise, pets, hobbies and family life.  These are evergreen in that people are always going to have family problems, have pets, and gain weight. So your articles written today can still be relevant in ten years from now.

Trends – These topics are usually consumer related and include things like, fidget spinners, hover boards, and other things that are popular one minute and gone the next. While these topics are popular today they mightn’t be around in a year from now.

As you can see, picking the category of article can determine how much money you’ll make in the long run. Pick a popular topic that’s here today, gone tomorrow, and your articles will have a short shelf life. But pick an evergreen topic and you could be making money from the same content in years from now.

2 –  Article Ideas – If you’re going to write articles you’re going to need ideas to write about, right? So where can you come up with content people are looking for? – After, is the second biggest search engine. The difference between both though is that, on Amazon people searching the site are willing to pay for a solution to their problems. These people are hotter than the general searchers on Google.

So, where can you find article ideas? Simply search for a popular book in your target market. If you were planning on writing dog training articles, you’d look up ‘dog training’ and pick one of the most popular books there.

Once you found it, use the ‘Look inside’ feature Amazon gives you. Here you can scroll through the table of contents and check out the chapter titles. If the author believes these are things the reader should know about, then they’re important to your customers too.  All you have to do is do the same with other books in your niche to build up an article idea list.

Ask The Public – This is a popular site for finding out what your target market is searching for online. Simply go to Once you’re there just fill in your main keyword and do a search to see what people are looking for in that area.  So for example, if my articles were based on dog training I would use ‘dog training’ as my main keyword to see what people were searching for.

Forums – Forums are also a helpful place to find out what your customers are searching for. Simply go to and type in your main keyword and add forum for your search. For example ‘knitting+forum’. Once you’re there look for the most popular topics in the forum,  these are the ones that people want to know the most about.  Then simply use some of the forum topics as ideas for your next article.

Yahoo Answers – Although an old site, Yahoo answers can give you ideas for articles you could write about.  Again simply go to the website and look for questions being asked in your niche. Having said that, disregard some of the answers to the questions, some of it can’t always be depended on. Plus you should be researching your own articles.  Like searching on the forums, look for the most popular questions. Also when searching, try to find the most recent questions, so you’ll be able to see what the up to date topics being discussed are.

Blogs –  What are the most popular blogs in your niche? If you’re not sure just use and use your main ‘keyword+blog’ after it.  What you’re looking for is popular blogs with a lot of activity on them.  Then simply look at the most popular blog posts for ideas for article titles.

By now you should have a long list of article titles to write about.  Now it’s a matter of sitting down and writing them out. I should also say that you need to write more than one article, ten is a good number of articles to package together. Your articles don’t have to be long and can be around 500 to 600 words in length. The length of the articles doesn’t matter, it’s more about the content inside them. If you can deliver articles with great content in five or six hundred words, you can easily sell those articles over and over again.

3 – How To Write An Article – There are lots of ways to write articles,  how you want to write yours depends on you. You can write your article in a simple question and answer type article.  Where the article title is a question, and the remainder of the article answers that question. Or you can write an article like this blog post, which is simply an article broken down into easy steps for the reader to follow.

4 – How Do I Sell My Articles? – Now that you have your package of articles, you’re probably wondering how can I sell them?  Before we get to where you can sell your articles, we’re going to need to discuss ‘Private label rights.’

If you’ve never heard of private label rights before, (sometimes called plr) this allows the owner to use them in any way they like.  They can claim ownership of them, they can package them together into an eBook, or they can edit them in any way they see fit. By offering plr rights with your articles you’ll make them more attractive to buyers and you’ll be able to sell more copies.

So, where can you sell your plr articles now? Here are a few suggestions….

  • Create your own website or blog and sell the content there.
  • Use the same blogs you searched for earlier on, and ask if they would be interested in buying your content.
  • Or one of the popular ways to do it, is to go to either the Warrior forum  or  and sell your articles. Both the Warrior forum and have a lot of blog owners and  website builders who are always  on the lookout for good content.

And there you have it, how to make money creating and selling articles.  I recommend you should go to it the Warrior forum or and check out the private label rights article packages that are being sold there. This will give you ideas for article packages that already been sold, and more importantly making money. You can copy those ideas and basically do the same with your unique content. Then simply rinse and repeat and do the process over and over over again to make more money.

Now go out there and take some action on what you’ve just discovered.