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How To Sell Books

How To Sell Books

When it comes to how to sell books, there are lot of things you can do to put the sales odd in your favor.

Of course, the obvious things need to be in place first. You need to write a book that readers will want to read,  and you’ve got to package your book in an attractive cover with an enticing description that’ll make people part with their cash. Don’t do either of those and it doesn’t matter how good your interior is, no one is going to see it.

Put yourself in your customers shoes. What makes you buy a book?

  • A book cover that makes you stop in your tracks and pick it up?
  • The copy on the back cover, or book listing that makes you want to read it?
  • A recommendation from a friend or someone who’s opinion you respect?
  • The amount of positive reviews it has?

Now let’s take that knowledge to your book….

  • Is your book cover good enough? Then maybe you need too take a look at it. – You’ll find a blog post here on that, or you can hire someone on to do it for you.
  • Is your copy, your blurb, or your book listing strong enough? Then maybe it’s time you hired someone with copy writing experience to make your listing and description sizzle. – Again you can go to Fiverr or and hire someone to do it.
  • Does anyone know your book exists? Then maybe it’s time to get the word out about it. The first place you can do this is to blog about it, either on your own blog, or someone else’s with a guest post. Forum posts or podcast are also great ways to use someone else’s audience to sell more books. Going on a podcast, our guest blogging also gives you a halo effect that can convince strangers to give your work a go.
  • Have you got any book reviews yet? Then maybe it’s time to get the ball rolling before you give your book the push it needs.  You can read more about getting blog reviews here.

How To Sell Books – Fiction Authors

While the information above is what every author should be doing, if you’re a fiction writer there’s some other things you need to take into consideration when it comes to selling books. – Heck, even if you’re a non fiction writer these are things you should follow.

1 – Genre – Are you the right person for your genre? Whatever genre you’re writing for, if your heart’s not in, you’re never going to sell as many books as you’d like. You may have the stamina to complete your book, but when it comes to promoting it to your best ability you’ll always fall short.  Your readers will also sense it too in writing.

2 – Tropes –  What are the tropes for the genre you’re writing it? If you’re not giving the happy ever after ending in your romance novel, a satisfying ending in your thriller book you’ll never sell many books.  Even non fiction writers need to be aware of what’s expected in the book they’re writing. If you’re not sure what your readers expect, go to Amazon and read the reviews of similar books to yours.  These people will tell you  what they do and don’t like. Give them more of what they want and you’ll find the selling process a lot smoother.

3 – Book Series – Unless you wrote a book like the bible, you’re never going to retire on one book alone.  Instead of thinking of a growing market of readers you need to reach, how about thinking along the lines of what can I sell to people who’ve already bought off me? Whether it’s fiction on nonfiction having a prequel, sequel, companion book, work book or anything else at hand will always mean you can make more money.

While there are many other things you can put into place for selling more books, if you don’t focus on the basics, and get those right first, you’re going to waste time,  money, and effort trying to sell what you have.

If you’d like to know more about selling books, click here.

how to sell books

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