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How To Sell More Books On Amazon

How To Sell More Books On Amazon
How To Sell More Books On Amazon

How To Sell More Books On Amazon

One of the common questions typed into Google by self-published authors is “How to sell more books?” and if they’re solely on Amazon it’s followed by “How to sell more books on Amazon?”

For most authors, it can be a rude awaking when they hit the publish button and only hear crickets from their audience.  Or to be more exact, their lack of one.

Although I could write thousands of words on all the various ways how to sell more books online, I’m going to narrow today’s post down to one thing you can do, a virtual book tour.

And unlike the old book tours where you had to slog from store to store trying your best to sell your wares, this tour can be done from the comfort of your own home, and in your pyjamas too.

So grab a cup of your favourite brew and a pen and paper, it’s time to sell more of your books.

How To Sell More Books On Amazon Video

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