How To Shake Off The Competition

….why tackle your competition head on when you can get in front of your customers a different way?

Follow along with me….

Let’s have a look at the coloring book market.

For most people, when they create an adult coloring book they take it to market and hope that the Amazon Gods look favourably on them.

But what if you took a step back from that? Why is your customer looking for that book?

– Is it a way to fulfil that creative side, maybe they can’t draw, and it takes some of the creative pressure off them?
– Is it stress relief? Are they so wound up that they need something to relax their minds?
– Or something else?

If you know your customer, it’s a matter of going to them and offering your books there. Facebook groups, forums or any where else these people hang out.

How many adult coloring book authors are giving away free sample books to people in these places?

Telling their audience that they’ve got a 30 day stress relief challenge that they can sign up for at their site?

Are posting content to social media sites with tips on stress relief, how to be more creative, or coloring book techniques?

Not too many.

And what about selling/giving away other content with their coloring books?

‘Buy my book and get a 30 day stress relief e-course.’

‘Buy my book and get 75% off my book on breathing techniques for stress relief.’

‘Buy my book and get my advanced coloring book hacks and techniques.’

‘Buy my book and discover how to get that design of yours on a t-shirt.’

‘Buy my book and let me show you how to get your favorite coloring book images on coffee cups, wall art, and more.’

‘Buy my book and discover how to sell your coloring book creations on Etsy.’

How many are doing that?

I’d be surprised if 5 people are doing it.

How many of those ideas would put a list of subscribers on your email list?

Any of those ideas would make you stand out from the selling crowd.

If not, you might like my workbook course instead. You could offer it as a supplement to your kids coloring books.

Cheap Children’s Workbooks.

PS – Oh yeah, kids like a side serving of these with their coloring books too.

…and fries……definitely fries.