How To Win The ‘Give Up Battles.’

…it’s easier to give up than to keep going.

It’s easier to sit on your butt than to do the work.

It’s easier to put others’ opinions of you over your own opinion of you.

And when that path is easier it doesn’t take any effort to go that way.

For some of us, it’s like putting on a well-worn pair of slippers, we’ve been there that often.

And when your list of reasons for giving up is a long one, it’s a no-brainer.

I’m sure if we asked you what those were you could tell us without missing a beat.

But what you probably don’t have is a list of reasons to keep going.

Because when you’ve got nothing to combat the negative in you it’s easy to be taken over by it. – There’s no opposition, and every battle you fight only has one outcome.

If this is where you are, it doesn’t need to stay that way.

You can fight back, and all it takes is a simple list.

A list of reasons to keep going.

Most of us don’t have them, and because we don’t, we fold at the first signs of trouble.

The greatest thing you could do for yourself and your business would be to take a pen and paper and work on that list today.

Why do you want this?

What are you trying to achieve?

Whose life or lives are you trying to make better?

How would your life be different when you get there?

Those questions, and more like them, will build that case for you.

They’ll make you see that to give up means, you won’t get there, those people are going to lose out, and your situation will never improve.

But to keep going means you’re still in the game, that there’s still a chance, and life can be a lot rosier.

If you’re a visual person, go find images and build a collage of what that would mean to you. – Some people call them vision boards, but this could be your ‘Reason To Keep Going’ board. – And that’s just as powerful.

If you’re not, get your smartphone and record an audio track of all of those reasons. Put emotion in it. Put passion into it. And play it on a loop every day until those reasons stick, and in those moments when you want to give up.

The reason most people give up is that they’ve got more reasons to do it.

And when you’ve got more reasons to do it… you do it.

But when your army to keep going is bigger than the opposition, there’s only ever going to be one outcome.

Write that list, record that list, picture that list, and keep it with you.

And when you’re tempted to throw in the towel remind yourself why you’re doing it, and show the opposition in your head that they’ll have a battle on their hands to stop you.

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