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How To Write Emails To Customers

How To Write Emails To Customers

How To Write Emails To Customers

Wondering how to write emails to customers? Writing an email to a client can seem like a daunting task, but let’s put all that aside for one minute.

Who’s on the other end of an email?

That’s right… a human being.

A human being just like you. One that has family problems, money worries, mortgage payments, childcare issues, or any of a hundred other things that we all cope with on a daily basis.

They’re not a robot. They’re not the sign you see hanging on the door. They’re a human being. And being a human being they’re going to want something from your emails. They’re going to want to look forward to receiving your email.  If you can’t do that, you’re sunk.

Let’s look at 4 things you can do for writing emails for customers.

How To Write Emails To Customers – 4 Writing Email Tips

1 – Have A Personality – When was the last time you read an email with some sense of what the other person was like? Rarely. When was the last time you read an email and came away from it with a smile on your face, had a chuckle, or  knew something personal about the person that sent it. Again rare. Taking on those three points and working them in an email will make yours stand out a mile from the robotic emails that hit your clients inbox everyday.

When it comes to email most people make the mistake of thinking that they need to talk a certain way, write a certain way, and format their email as professionally as possible. You don’t. I don’t care how professionally your email looks, how good your grammar is, or how long you’ve been in business. If your email is as stimulating as the ingredients label on a shampoo bottle, you’ve lost me.

If you keep sending me those emails, two things are going to happen.

  1. I’ll unsubscribe
  2. You’ll go straight to the spam bin without passing ‘Go’ and collecting your $200.

2 – Be Entertaining/Educational – Now this isn’t time to break out the top hat and cane, or crack open the technical book on your widget, but you should make it worth their while opening your email.

‘What’s In It For Me?’ That’s the mantra in your clients/customers head and yours also.  Not that we’re all selfish, but we do like doing things that benefit us.

Away from work or business, why do you regularly open some people’s email and not others? You’re looking for something in it for you. You open that email hoping to learn something, save something, or be entertained.  Keep that in mind when writing your clients emails too.

3 – Show Up Regularly – When it comes to your customers, what sets up out from the rest? If you’re sending one email a month, you’re not staying on your customer’s radar.  When I think of the widget you’re selling, your name should be the one that comes to mind straight away.

For example, think of an author selling books. Those books could be written by anyone and still leave me with the same feeling as what I got when I closed that author’s book. But what if that author emailed me regularly with things about the book I read?

  • Why they wrote it.
  • How they came up with that character.
  • The life  changing event they made them sit down to write that book.

Now I don’t look at that book, or that author, in the same way.  And the more that author emails me on a regular basis, the more nuggets I find out about them. So when it comes to buying a new ‘thrilling fiction book’ that author stands out head and shoulders above the rest.

Why? Because I know them.

4 – Have A Conversation – It might be one sided, but an email is still a conversation. If the other person wants to join in that’s great, but they don’t have to.

Let’s look at these ‘two conversations.’

Hi John,

Just to let you know we’ve got a sale on at our company this week.  The widgets you normally order are down 50% from last year. I’ve attached an order form.

Have a great day.




Hi John,

Wow, it’s hard to believe it’s 12 months since you placed your yearly order.  The saying “Time flies when you get older,”never seemed truer.

All kidding aside, because this is far a joke,  you know those widgets you bought last year?

Well due to the new equipment we bought recently,  our cost prices have come down. 

You’re probably thinking, so what, what’s this got to do with me?

Well, we want to pass on this saving to you too. 

….you can get those same widgets at 50% off.

Great news, right?

Anyway,….I’ve added an order form below and I’m sure you’ll want to get that order in before everyone else.

I’ll let you get back to work. 

Oh and before I forget, say ‘Hello’ to Ann for me. 



Which one would you like to see in your inbox? Which one feels like it was written by someone with a pulse? Which one would you open regularly? Would you really care about the formatting?

I rest my case.

How To Write Emails To Customers

How To Improve Writing Emails.

Finally, anyone can write an email to a customer. Writing a good email to a customer is far different. We all buy off people we know, like, and trust. If you’re doing nothing to build any of that through your emails, you’re sunk. Or better yet, you’re going to end up sunk in the spam folder.

Remember the four email tips above and you’ll notice something. You’ll enjoy writing your emails to your customer, and your customers will enjoy receiving them.

Want to know more about email writing? Click here to become a master at it. 

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  1. Great tips, Barry. I do think you have very engaging emails. I am writing emails daily, but find it hard to put that zip in my own emails so that it comes off fun, as well as genuine. It is however a work in progress, and again this is a great post to keep for review. Thanks.

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