How Would Your Life Read As A Book?

…imagine for a moment that I asked you to write a fiction book, and I wanted the main character of the book to be you.

Now, after I listened to and ignored your whining that you couldn’t write a book, you head off and do it.

And when I get it back, I’m blown away by how good it is.

It’s a cracking read from page one till the ending.

In it, we have a great adventure, with you doing daring deeds, using your amazing abilities to help others, and on page 350 where it seemed like you weren’t going to succeed, you turned it around and beat the odds to win.


…what if your life right now was written as a book?

What if, someone way off in the future, maybe in your family tree, decided to write a book about you?

How would that one read?

Would we have a great adventure?

Would you be the main character or an extra in the background?

Would there be plot twists where everything seemed lost and you turned it around?

Would it be a book we wouldn’t be able to put down or one that’s a chore to read through?

Would we read it and hope that we could have a fraction of the courage, talent, and ability that you had?

Makes you think, right?

Because every day we live on this planet, whether it’s written down or not, we’re leaving a record behind us.

We’re telling people that this life we’ve been given is either important to us or something that has little value.

That we came here to do something, or treat it like a bus stop until the bus that we hope goes somewhere better shows up.

That what we did, we hope will inspire others to do the same, and not trudge around like the walking dead who die at 30, but walk the planet for the next 40 years until they finally lie down.

Today’s a page in your book.

And when you think about it, if it is your book, wouldn’t you want to have amazing adventures in it?

Of course, you would.

How about today being the start of the plot twist? – Where we find you grabbing the bull by the horns and steering life in the direction you want it to go in.

Maybe no one will ever write that book.

But seeing as you’re the main character of your life, how about making it good for you at least?

Because every character deserves a great adventure.

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