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How’s Your Book Going To Read?

How's Your Book Going To Read?

…if we were reading your autobiography right now what would we find in this chapter?

Is this the good bit, where we find out that all that work you put in in the past is finally coming together?

Or that you finally woke up to all the B.S in your head and started taking action?

Or that against the odds, when the chips were down, when no one believed in you, you gave it one more go and it worked out?

Or is it going to read like the rest of your book, with nothing much changing along the way?

Because every day you’re adding a page to that book of yours.

So how’s that autobiography going to read?

Inspiring or a letdown?

That’s up to you.

Can we all cure cancer, walk on the moon, or run 100 metres in less than ten seconds?


But you and I know you’re not even pushing the limits of what you’re able to do.

What does the better version of you look like?

Maybe it’s time to find out.

Oh, and if you are interested in getting into writing fiction, here’s a few links to click on.


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