HTML Isn’t A Sexually Transmitted Disease

…one thing I like about my WriteCome subscribers is that they’re a lot smarter than the average bear.

That’s why they’re not one in the ten Americans that thinks HTML is an STD.

But I do know that self-publishing your work does have a steep learning curve, and there are those that…well, how can I say it?….would rather that you had to keep coming back to them because they don’t give you all the pieces of the puzzle.

Me. I like to not only give you all the pieces, but from time to time I also give you more, like ways to make money from the product you bought.

Take my Rebus Puzzle Course.

You could go and compete with everyone else in the puzzle niche, or you could use some of the ideas I give inside it, and run where there’s less competition.

But that’s up to you.

If you can type a message, you can make money from it. – Simples!

Think of it like a flat learning curve. 

PS – And it’s not just the US where idiots live. We had a guy over here fall off a cliff trying to take the perfect selfie. – Believe me, you don’t have a monopoly on them.

Oh, and if you consider yourself a smarter than average bear, walk this way to join the rest of the sleuth.  

…yeah, that’s what a group of bears are called….a sleuth….but you knew that already, right?