Huh, How Much?

….I took the letter from Catherine’s hands and looked at the total – £1100.

Nice if it was cheque…but it’s how much it cost to get a handful of gravel out of my dog’s stomach.

Thankfully, we had dog insurance and it paid the bill without complaint.

I thought our other dog was good at racking up bills.

She got an eye and her womb taken out in the space of two weeks and all had to be paid from our pocket.

Once that happened, Catherine said never again and set up an insurance policy for Summer.

I mean, when you’ve got a young dog that only just turned two, what can go wrong, right?

A lot by the looks of it.

Thing is, it’s good to have a little insurance just in case.

Not just for dogs, but also for your author business.

…Amazon could kick you and your books out without a thought tomorrow.

…Facebook could close your account and stop you using their ads if they wanted to.

Worst cases, I know, but it happens to good people too.

That’s what happens when you’re playing on someone else playground. The big guy can pick up the ball and go off with it in a sulk. Leaving you wondering what to do next.

Take some of that power back, build a business on your terms.