I Already Know That!

…those four little words give us all a little feeling of smugness.

There’s nothing to learn here, so it’s off to find something new. Our results however, tell a different story.

When Barry was a little nipper, his favorite phrase was “Sure I know that!”

Didn’t matter what my parents told me, I’d rabbit that phrase off on cue.

Where I picked it up, or even stopped saying it, I haven’t a clue. – But I knew it all.

I could also get away with it back them. – As my biggest goals were probably how many crayons I could push up my nose, or how I could terrorize next door’s cats.

Nowadays, things are different. I can’t hide from my lack of results.

My biggest wake up call was when I used to buy everything about making money online. Buying ebooks, video courses, and reading articles, I quickly realized I was seeing and hearing the same things I already knew.

If knew it all, why wasn’t I getting ahead? Why wasn’t I making money? There had to be something more I needed to know.

There wasn’t. – I just wasn’t putting what I knew into action.

I know for a fact that you’re the same too. You’re churning through product after product looking for something new instead of working with what you already know.

It’s not what you know…..it’s what you implement.

If you haven’t put what you know into action, then you can’t really say that you know it.

If you’ve got a hard drive filled with stuff you already know?

Then put it into action with this.

At least make money from all that stuff you bought.  🙂

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