I Always Wanted To Be Charlie Bucket

…Christmas time always takes me back to the good ole days of only a handful of TV channels, and the Christmas movies that were guaranteed to be on.

One of those was the Wizard of Oz, the other was Willy Wonka.

Growing up watching that movie, I never got tired of watching Charlie slowly ripping that chocolate wrapper open
to reveal the golden ticket….better than any lottery ticket win.

Once he got inside the factory, I always pictured myself, walking around that edible garden in the factory, stuffing my face with all goodies around me.

Once it was over, I’d have to wait another 12 months before it was back on again.

This was pre VCR and Internet, so there as no way to watch it other than wait for the following Christmas.

Imagine telling that to a Millennial.

‘Yeah, there were no downloads, no rewinding back then, and you had to get home in time or you’d miss the start of the movie.’

I think their little heads would explode.

But them were the days when we’d patience.

Talking about patience, people that sit down to do mazes need it. – I mean sitting down with a pen and paper and nothing to do but to escape that little maze…now that’s patience.

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