“I Am The One That Knocks”

…now if you know your pop culture, you’ll know that today’s email subject line came from the one and only Walter White from Breaking Bad.

Starting off as a mild mannered teacher – that life’s been kicking around – Mr White goes through a total transformation by the end of the show.

Going from a man that’s struggling to keep on top of things, we find him near the end of the show looking his wife in the eye and telling her in no uncertain terms, that he’s not afraid of danger coming to his door. – In fact if there’s any doors being knocked, it’s him that’ll be doing it.

Now, while that’s all nice and dandy, especially when you’ve just become the biggest meth dealer in the area, and have enough money to retire on for a hundred lifetimes, his life changed when he made a simple decision.

The same goes for you too.

You can wait around, looking for permission from some imaginary (or real life) person, or you can just get off your arse and go after what you want today.

– There’s no one’s permission you need to ask for to write a book.
– There’s no one’s permission you need to ask for to start a blog.
– There’s no one’s permission you need to ask for to create your first digital product.

If there is, I’d like you to point out that person to me.

Can’t find them? That’s probably because they’re waiting for you the next time you walk past a mirror.

Going through Dan Meredith’s Making Bank Challenge this week, I’m reminded of how much I used to hold myself back because of ‘reasons.’  – All of which were excuses in my head.

Like most people, I bought into the whole ‘you need this, or you need that’ bull before you can get started. – You don’t need anything, you just need to start.

– Had I waited for permission, I wouldn’t have wrote this email.
– Had I waited for permission, I wouldn’t have created any of the products you’ve probably bought off me.
– Had I waited for permission, I’d still be stacking shelves right now. – Still fed up, still depressed, still waiting for life to get better.

I mightn’t be the one that knocks, but I’m sure glad I’m the person that writes right now.

So what door of opportunity are you missing out on because you’re not knocking on it?

This little beauty started it all for me.