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I Can See You Hiding Behind That Excuse

…if there’s one thing that makes me a little sad, it’s when I see someone posting on Twitter about querying on a book deal.

99 times out of a hundred….it’s a ‘No thanks, try again when you’ve got something else we might like.’

And so that little author shuffles off hoping that one day they’ll make it.

‘I tried and they turned me down.’

But is that really true?

Or is it an excuse they’re hiding behind?

‘I tried so many times to get my book published,’ they tell their family and friends. ‘If only someone would publish my book.’

Truth is, they could self-publish it in half an hour, and be up and running in 24 hours or less. – And probably make money by the end of the week.

But they’ll hide behind that excuse. – Because it puts someone else in charge of their lives.

And that’s something Kevin Hart brings up in his recent audiobook ‘The Decision.’

Once when he was moaning and bitching about comedians in New York getting all the breaks, and that it was unfair on him because he didn’t live there, a friend of his came up with a simple solution.

‘Go move to New York.’

Or in other words, go there or shut up. – You’re hiding behind an excuse.

So what excuses are you hiding behind?

That this big bad man isn’t allowing you to do your thing.

Or that you can’t write because you haven’t got the tools.

Or that you’re too old.

Or you need to know someone to get somewhere.

All valid, or just a hiding place?

That you can tell the world that you tried, but you didn’t stand a chance.

And then some blind child, that comes from the back of nowhere, writes a book with the help of their supportive mother, and goes onto become a household name, blows all your excuses out of the water.

….Now, what was that excuse again?

You may be hiding behind the excuse that you can’t create a digital product of your own right now.

But is that really true?

Pick up this report now and let’s put that excuse to bed once and for all.

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