I Can Write Fiction – Geography Though, Seems To Be My Achilles Heel

…the other day, I did something that I don’t do too often….I read back through some of my book reviews.

But, not the good ones, nah, it was the bad ones. – Don’t know if life was getting too good, or I felt that I needed to be taken down a peg or two….but I read a few.

Here’s a doozy from the Irish Runaway, where one of my critic’s asks an important question about my geography knowledge.

‘How in the world did she travel by paddle-boat from New York to San Francisco???’

Now looking back, I nod in agreement.

How the hell did my Irish Runaway do a cross country by boat?

Call it a brain fart, but I think this cross county Suez canal achievement dwarfs Trump’s wall any day.

Looking back at this ‘minor’ oversight….I could use this as a selling point in my advertising for the book.

Any of these might make a good book blurb…

‘A romance fiction book like no other. – It’s just a pity his geography teacher wasn’t his co writer.’

‘This western romance book is so good, it’s literally separated North America and it’s readers.’

‘A book that even romance fiction readers will find too crazy to believe.’

…..Think any of those would raise a little curiosity?

Maybe even help sell some books?

Like I told you earlier this week, you can run from your critics, or you can embrace them and use them to do some good.

Heck, it gave me an idea for today’s email and blog post.

And it ain’t all bad….the book’s got 93 reviews and sitting almost at a 4 star rating. – So I won’t be crying in my beer tonight.

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PS – Just don’t ask me for the way to Amarillo.