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I Couldn’t Get My Trousers Off Fast Enough

…here’s something you mightn’t know about me.

I hate wasps.

And for good reason to.

The first time we crossed paths was when I was about 8 and I got stung on the corner of my eye.

Sixty seconds later, I looked like I’d been hit by Mike Tyson.

It grew so big, you could just see the tips of my eyelashes.

Then again, I did bring it on myself. – I tossed a huge rock into their nest.

The second time, I was lying on the bonnet of the car enjoying the sun.

Suddenly, my sister went racing by me screaming for her life and waving her hands about.

Smirking to myself, as the good sympathetic brother I was, I watched her hit the wasp with the palm of her hand and send it up the leg of my trousers.

I don’t think I ever got my trousers off fast enough.

But it still wasn’t enough.  🙁

As you can guess I didn’t get any help from my sister….and I had to limp into the house with my pants around my ankles.

The moral of the story, I hate wasps…..or maybe they just hate me more. 🙂

But enough of the hate…’s something that might bring a smile to your face…..

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