I Cringe At What I Used To Sell

…11 years ago I used to sell an eBook on breathing techniques.

It was a book called ‘The Science Of Breath’ that I found in public domain.

I repackaged it, made a book cover, wrote a sales letter, and put a PayPal button on it.

Over a decade later I still do that, but thankfully my report and book covers don’t suck as badly as the one on that sales letter did.

But back then I was doing the best with what I knew. The same goes for you too.

You might think that you haven’t come far, but a trip down memory lane with the ‘Wayback Machine’ or reading back
through your work, will reveal that you’ve come further than you thought.

But you can always do better.

Me. I just wish I knew what I’m about to show you in ‘Brilliant Book Covers And Banners.’

But unfortunately the Delorean and Marty McFly aren’t available for me.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t learn from my experience and mistakes.

Add a new dimension to your book covers today.

PS – Want to know what your competitors have changed on their website this year?

Google the ‘Wayback Machine’ and see if they’ve got snapshots of their website on file. Then simply scroll back through them.

* Free knowledge bomb.