I Don’t Recommend Doing This To A Monkey

….my dad told me this story many years ago and it’s always stuck with me…you’ll probably see why.


While on a school tour (back in the 50’s) my father and his class went to Dublin Zoo.

Back then it was not only a big novelty to be in the “big smoke” (Dublin), but also to be at the zoo.

On their tour of the zoo, one of his class, thought it would be a great idea to flick a lit cigarette butt into the monkey’s cage to see what they’d do with it. (Hey, this was the fifties everyone smoked.)

As monkey’s are prone to do, one picked it up and put in in his mouth. Of course he burnt it and jumped around in shock.

This was met with great laughs on the other side of the cage.

The monkey on the other hand, had other ideas. Grabbing handfuls of the nearest poo, he made his feeling well known by slinging it over the top of the cage and down on the guilty party.

Monkey karma, I suppose you’d call it.

My book selling course is like that…

Not only can it protect you from angry monkey poo, but also from annoying the press when looking for publicity.

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PS – No monkey’s were hurt in the making of this blog post.