I Don’t Want You To Be A Flat Squirrel

…if there’s one thing that drives me up the wall it’s someone that can’t make a decision.

My daughter is a prime example of that.

‘Lauren, do you want to come out with us to the restaurant?’

‘I dunno.’

‘It’s a simple yes or no. Do you want to come out with us?’

‘I dunno.’

I don’t know if she secretly does it piss me off, but it works. Because to me, there’s nothing worse in life than someone who can’t decide what they want.

What if I make the wrong decision?
What if I do that and then I don’t like it?
What if that’s going to be better for me
than this?

And then they end up like that flat squirrel in the middle of the road, going nowhere.

The word decision means to cut off from. To burn that other bridge. To make the thing you’re going to do your soul focus. To know that you can’t have everything because you’ve chosen one path.

While you might think that making a decision is limiting, it can actually be liberating. Because it cuts away all the things that don’t back up your decision.

You know you can’t watch brain numbing TV because you’ve got a book to write.

You know you don’t need a course on YouTube because you’re not ever going to need it.

And you know who you should follow and copy.

Backup plans are just as bad.

If you’re working toward something and you’ve got the comforting knowledge of a plan B, you’re never going to go all in and do what you can with plan A?

Because once you’ve got that get out clause, you’ll jump at it when things get tough.

So whatever you’re indecisive about today, pick an option and do it. You can’t be, do, or have everything in this lifetime.

But if you pick the best option for you, stick with it and make it work. You’ll get a lot more done than wondering if you should choose door A, B or C.

If you need some help with your decisions, click here

PS – I think the time spent writing this blog post was a better use of  my time, than watching the Sunday morning funnies right now. – Although maybe you’d disagree  🙂