I Envy You…Sometimes…

…I mean, it must be great only sending out one email a month or one a week and having it read.

Knowing the exact subject line to use to get your subscriber to open that email, read through it and then go and taken action on it.

Must have taken a lot of study time….reading books on persuasion and copy writing.

That’s what you did, right?

Like you’re not just throwing it out there and hoping it gets read….are you?


For a minute there I thought you were just praying to the email Gods and then hitting send.

Because that would be silly, thinking that every email hits the subscriber at the right time of the day, day of the week and that they’re looking forward to your email.

Because I know mine sometimes misses the mark, and gets lost in the abyss.

But I don’t worry, because tomorrow’s another day, and maybe I’ll get them then.

“But you…

…you’re good you, you’re good you!” said in my best Robert DeNiro voice as I waggle my finger.

Wonder what Bob DeNiro would say about this?

‘Analyze That’ and let me know what you think?