I Met Treerock On My Travels Today

…nature sometimes has the power to stop you in your tracks and make you go ‘WTF….am I really seeing this?’

– It may be the Grand Canyon.
– A hawk swooping down and plucking it’s dinner off the ground.
– A snail doing a ninety degree climb up a wall.
– Or a rock that’s three feet off the ground, and is now part of the tree.

‘Treerock’ stopped me in my tracks this morning.

Now the rock in question, wasn’t a small one, (about the size of my head – so pretty huge), and yet it was three feet off the ground.

Why it ended up there…is a wonder.

The tree probably could have avoided it, when it burst out of the ground.

It probably could have pushed it aside, and carried on growing.

But left with no choice, I guess it decided that if it was going to grow, it was going to have to take it’s burden with it.

It didn’t give up.

It didn’t complain.

It carried on, even though it didn’t have the advantages the other trees had.

And it’s still going, still carrying it’s handicap with it.

Dumb tree, right?

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