I Often Wonder If People Do This On Purpose…

…I often wonder why we buy into the whole over-complicated process.

I mean…if I wanted to open a can of beans, I wouldn’t feel the need to buy a drone with a lazer on it to cut it open.

….though it does sound cool now that I’m picturing it in my mind.

Focus, Barry, focus…

…where was I….

…oh yeah…I’d just go over to the cutlery drawer, get the tin opener, and open my beans. Job done.

So why is that we buy into the whole ‘suffer for my craft’ deal that we think we have to go through when creating fiction books?

“Oh you must follow this process because it does this, and this, and this. Your books will be amazing if you use this process.”

Then we have someone else telling you that if you can’t get that to work, their process works wonders, but it’s so complicated that all authors are using it…it’s amazing!

And so you wrap yourself up in tangles, can’t get anything to work and then you’re told..

‘Oh you must be a pantser. You’re one of those people that can write it all off the top of your head.’


Does it have to be complicated?

Or is it all just an excuse for not actually writing.  Make it complicated, confusing, and you kill off your competition.

People have been writing and telling stories for thousands of years.

I wonder if Stone Age Man, scribbling on a wall, knew that he needed to be using the ‘Snowflake Method” or the “Tent Pole Method”

No. He just got on with it and wrote his story his way.

He had a character…a lot of crap happened to that character…character got through it… fought the bad guy…got the girl…The End.

That’s all plotting is.

So you can either keep reading about complicated plotting process… or take the simple method.

Me. I like simple.