I Pity The Fool That Believes This One

…being a child of the eighties, there was always one TV show that would make me drop everything and go racing off to watch it.

What was it that had a very young Barry quiet for an hour a week?

The A-Team.

Watching my favourite foursome – fighting bad guys and building the weirdest of contraptions from scrap metal – you could hear a pin drop until the credits rolled at the end.

Me being built like a pipe cleaner at the time, Mr. T of course was my favorite. I mean, who wouldn’t want to pick up the school bully and toss him over your head into a pile of conveniently placed rubbish bags.

But it wasn’t just the biceps that did it for me.

No, he had the personality to go with it. Short of temper, and with a trademark snarl on his face, he hadn’t time for anyone’s jibber jabber…or hair-brained ideas.  Anything like that was met with a ‘Pity the fool…’ response.

So when I saw someone advertising a business that…

– Didn’t require a website
– Didn’t require an email list.
– Didn’t require you to create products.
– Didn’t involve any selling.

Mr. T’s response came to mind.

I pity the fool.

I mean, if you don’t own or control any assets what are you in control of?


My biggest a-ha moment was realizing that, although a bit later than other people around me did.

Since wising up, and now owning a portable hard drive filed with kindle fiction books, reports, video courses, daily emails, and more….I’ve got the ultimate back pocket business – filled with assets that I’m in control of.

I can sell them, give them away, heck even sell licences off to others…it’s all there for me.

So the next time you’re half way through a fiction book, blog post, or video, don’t look at it as just that. It’s an asset, and when used properly can be leveraged for years to come.

It mightn’t seem much right now, but in years to come you’ll be a lot further on than the ‘fresh air’ business owner who’s rubbing their hands with glee right now.

Now, if you’re looking to create your own long term assets you can do so by taking advantage of mine.

You can find them all here. 

PS – “You might not have the things you want, but if you check carefully, you got all you need.”
– Mr. T

That’s how I’d sum up the WriteCome member’s area too.