I.Q….Doesn’t Mean ‘I Know.’

…today’s email is brought to you by Ben Settle, or to put it better Ben’s latest podcast gave me the title of today’s email.

And like many things Ben says, it’s true. And it also got me thinking…

How many of know people that were smarter than us at school, that we saw having brighter futures than us and watched them settle for a job we never expected them to take?

And how many others did we see go on to do things that we never saw them capable of? Sometimes leaving us in their dust.

I’ll always remember, travelling with my father in his truck when I was small, he spotted some guys he knew and pointed them out to me.

“You see those guys?”

“Yep.” I watched the three men sitting on the steps of our local courthouse, passing the day away.

“Some of the cleverest people I know sitting there. Some of them probably too smart for their own good.”

Could you be too smart for your own good? I didn’t know at the time, and still don’t. Maybe their upbringing or low self esteem kept them down, but they didn’t live up to their test results.

Thing is, when it comes to the internet, It’s easy to fake being a genius. Most Guru’s in many niches do it.

They toss up content, written by ghostwriters, or outsourced, and to the world and it’s cat they look like they’re Einstein. And they make a lot of money off of people who don’t know any better.

Like the guy who read two books on Google adwords and then proclaims that they’re an adword genuis.

And a lot of buyers unfortunately get suckered in and get burned because of it.

But there is an easy way to spot the fakers, maybe you have already?

It’s do they ‘walk the talk.’

It’s the Facebook guy, that’s never on it.

The email guy who writes bland and boring emails.

And it’s the writing expert, that’s got a hard drive filled with half written story lines, and never published a book.

So the moral of the story….assume everyone on the internet is full of B.S…even me.

That way we’ve all got to prove ourselves before you part with your cash.

That’s why even the WriteCome membership is covered with a 30 day guarantee.

And when it comes to email, I think I’ve done enough to show you it’s possible to write a daily one.

But like most things, you’ve got to try on the pants, take them for a walk and then decide if they’re the right fit for you. Standing in the mirror admiring that cute butt of yours ain’t gonna get you any results.

You’ve got take action.

PS – And now I’m off to buy my third book on Google adwords and proclaim myself the ‘Stephen Hawking’ of adwords.