I See A Lot Of ‘Scurryfunge’ Happening In The Days Ahead

…I don’t know what it was like where you grew up, but in Ireland we had ‘the good room.’

Every home had one.

That was the room that ‘the visitors’ went to.

It was usually always the closest to the front door.

Everything there was polished to an inch of its life, the carpet always freshly vacuumed, and any family accomplishment was hung there for all to see.

For the rest of the family, namely us kids, it was out of bounds.

That room was a shrine to perfection.

And like Instagram, all an illusion to make others think you were getting ahead.

That’s like a lot of emails you get.

The words are always professional, filled with action and daring-do, and about a business that never puts a foot wrong.

But only showing the good room, is the worst thing you can do with email.


You don’t come across as a human being. One that makes mistakes, goof-ups, and has a weird taste in B movies.

Me, I once drove home and forgot to pick up kids from a singing lesson and didn’t realize until an hour later.

Made a fool out of myself asking for ‘magic pain relief cream’ before I got an injection.

And fell into a river on the way home from my stag do. Oh, and almost froze to death that same night.

Why do I tell you all these things?

For one, it makes me more memorable.

And two, it gets tiring trying to make sure people only see the good room.

Plus, it’s all an illusion you’re kidding yourself with.

If you want to make money, not seem like a robot, and are prepared to show yourself off warts and all…

….go here.


Barry J McDonald.

PS – And as for the Scurryfunge?

Well, that’s what you call that scurrying around you do when a surprise visitor turns up unannounced.

I can see a lot of that happening post corona. : )