I Swear, You Couldn’t Make This Stuff Up.

…if you’ve been following me on Instagram…and why wouldn’t you?…

…or been to the Facebook page….again, why wouldn’t you?

You probably saw the image and video that I posted to either platform.

If you didn’t…where else do you go for your chuckles and knowledge bombs?…it was on the topic of taking a fall.

No matter how big you are…there’s always a chance you could fall off your pedestal for the simplest of reasons.

Like the popular Irish airline that ground to a halt because the pilots refused to work…..thus no planes flying.

Me….I felt pretty smug with myself until…..dun, dun, dun….I came back after taking Finn to his swimming lesson, to find the words every WordPress owner dreads….

“Database Error” on a big blank screen.

..and so Mr. Smartypants found his beloved site was no  more.

But thankfully Mr. Smartypants had the where-with-all to purchase a Back Up plugin a while back and had everything backed up.

He also had his trusty email list nearby, and was on the verge of breaking all their little hearts with news that the site was down. 🙂

I know, I know…but we got through it, WriteCome is back online again.

Moral of the story, don’t be a smartass and also have a backup of your work.

….oh and an email list, for those moments when it hits the fan.

What does your disaster plan look like?

You have one, right?

Having an Amazon Author Page is a handy backup tool for when your site goes down, because when was the last time Amazon crashed?

Going on my predictions…stay tuned to finding the Amazon site crashing. 🙂

Amazing Author Pages

Now wipe those tears away, it’s OK, everything is still there were you left it.