I Vant Your Munny! Moo Ha Ha!

…”Who are you going to ask for money off today?’ – Brian Tracy.

Being self employed, or working from home, you’ve got to ask yourself that question each morning when you get out of bed.

Don’t have an answer, or put it off until later in the day, and you can be guaranteed one thing – you’ll always be broke or go out of business.

Imagine your local store not having that question in mind when their first customer drops in. – Or McDonald’s not wanting you to spend more money with them?

You wouldn’t, right?

When Zig Ziglar used to go door to door, selling his pots and pans, he used to say to himself…’That person in there has my money in their wallet. I’ve got a car full of pots and pans. It’s my job to trade them for it.’

Right now, you’ve got $27 lying around.

Me, I’ve got a course where I can show you…

– How even a poor writer can have a great writing career.
– How to spot the con men (and women) that aren’t the best people to hire for your writing job.
– How to look like you know what you’re doing, even if it’s your first time hiring a ghost writer.
– How my romance book idea came about, what I said when I hired my ghostwriter, and what the completed book looks like. – Yeah, you also get a free copy of the book to see the finished item.
– Laid out in a simple fun step-by-step process, it’s going to save you from being ripped off, spending more than you need, and free up your time. – Imagine having someone doing your writing while you’re spending time doing what you love.
– Oh, and, it’s all done in look over my shoulder style videos.

Now, if that’s not an investment that…

– You can use over and over from here til doomsday.
– You can learn, and teach (for money) to someone else…

Then I haven’t done my job well today.

Maybe you’re better off buying that sparkly shiny thing that’s going to run out of batteries in two weeks time.

Me, I like making stuff that doesn’t require batteries.

Insider Secrets – Ghostwriting Secrets.

PS – And if you’re looking around for something to compare it to, I’m sorry you won’t find it. – This is tailored made, and going up in price very soon.

Unlike Zig’s pots and pans, it’ll cost two $20 dollar bills, and a seven in a few days time.

I’ll be back this way tomorrow!