I Was Watching Netflix And Thought Of You…

I Was Watching Netflix And Thought Of You

…at the moment I’m bingeing on the new Lost In Space reboot on Netflix.

Boy has it come a long way from the original series. 

Back then, even as a kid, I thought the robot’s arms looked like a guy with his arms in two vacuum cleaner tubes.

Anyhoo, apart from Lost In Space, Netflix says that they’re going to make 80 original movies this year alone.

It got me thinking.

How come no authors follow their idea?

There’s nothing stopping a group of authors, or publishers, setting up their own subscription service and creating content for that audience?

Filling their site with romance titles, all for one low monthly price.

Or filling it with physical books, coloring books, planners, daily word search or crosswords. Heck, you could even offer all the content as a digital download.

No competition. The workload is shared. And everyone gets a share of a regular and dependable monthly income.

Will it ever happen?

Who knows, but it’s a idea for anyone here.

What’s stopping you setting up your mini version of Netflix?

Or getting into a group and setting one up?

Something to think on.

Something else to think about, or better look at, is Bill Platt’s new book cover course.

If you’re in the work book or planner niche, or having problems working with Createspace’s template, it’s very helpful.

You can find it here.