I’d Rather You Kept The Money And Traffic

…if you read one of previous blog posts this one will make more sense to you.

If not, here’s the short version…

…some cowboys have been giving one of my courses away for free.

Sucks, but what can you do.

It got me to thinking, why not let you lovely people make money from the course?

I mean, I’d rather you kept the traffic and profits than some fly-by-night who doesn’t care about anyone, but themselves.

So if you’d like to use the Article Cash course as content for your YouTube account or your blog, or want to make money from it….you can pick up the full course with Private Label Rights.

Meaning you can keep all the money for yourself. And you can do it all with my full blessing.

It’s also dirt cheap…and it’s here.


It’s also evergreen, so you could still sell it in ten years from now.

And even if you don’t want to sell it, you could use it to build your email list.

Once you buy it, it’s your baby…to do with as you please.