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“If It’s Easy To Do… It’s Crappy For You.”

"If It's Easy To Do... It's Crappy For You."
“If It’s Easy To Do… It’s Crappy For You.”

…here’s something you can take to the bank…

“If It’s Easy To Do… It’s Crappy For You.”

Now, that doesn’t mean that you need to overcomplicate things but beware of the easy route.

Take, for example, all the emails I’ve seen recently on AI content writers.

You just hit a button, and poof, you’ve got an article written for you.

Easy, right?

But how safe is your business, when I can use the same tool and churn out as much content as you can?

And will that site last longer than five minutes in the search results, when Google cops on to what we’re doing?

Probably not.  – Google ain’t that dumb. 

But everybody wants the easy route.

They don’t want to write emails.

They don’t want to do blog posts.

They don’t want to create videos.

They don’t want to make digital products.

They don’t want to do anything.

But they want the cash.

It’s almost like they feel that the rules of the Universe are different for them.

‘You put nothing in, and you get a whole lot out the other side.’

Earl Nightingale said it well once when he said that some people want the heat without building the fire.


I’m not a big fan of complicated, I like ‘simple.’

But ‘simple’ ain’t ‘easy.’

Simple is doing the same things over and over again, sometimes even to the point of boredom, but doing them even when it’s not easy.

Because I want the work I do today, to add to the work I did yesterday and the day before that.

I want something….that I won’t have to build every 5 minutes…and that’s gone by this time next week.

What’s the point in that?

So the next time someone tries to peddle you something easy remember my motto…

“If It’s Easy To Do… It’s Crappy For You.”

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