If You Don’t Get Your Head Around These Mental Hurdles You’re Screwed

If You Don't Get Your Head Around These Mental Hurdles You're Screwed

……going online and setting up a business can be a big learning curve for a newbie.

Now only is there a steep learning curve, if you don’t know how to anything more than just copy and paste, but there’s the mental hurdles too.

And like a lack of knowledge, these invisible barriers will see you heading for the exit door as quick as anything else.

So what are these hurdles?

1 – Actually making money.

When you’ve never made a penny online, the thought that someone out there might send you some bucks is a big thing.

When I first made a commission on an affiliate product, I literally danced for joy.

And so it may be with you. Until you make that first 5 -10 bucks you’ll always doubt you’ll be successful. When you do, you’ll find your confidence go up a notch. Unfortunately most people drop out before that.

2 – You’ll always think you don’t know enough.

Most people think that you need to know everything if you’re going to be successful online. You don’t. You need enough of the basics and that’s it.

If you can write a 500 word article, you’re a blogger. If you can record a Powerpoint presentation on video, you’ve got a digital product.

Of course blogging and selling digital products require a little more knowledge. But if you can do either of the above, you’re more than halfway there. Any other knowledge you need is just window dressing.

3 – You’ll never think you’re good enough to do it.

I’d put this as the biggest reason, most people go back to their nine to five. Get over this and you’ll be successful.

No matter what you create, be it video, fiction, or email, you’ll always question the work that you create. Comparing yourself to everyone else sinks more dreams than anything I know.

Are you the best blogger, writer, or course creator? Probably not. Are you the worst? Again probably not.

If you can accept that you’re somewhere in the middle, that’s great. There are people who have less experience and less knowledge than you are going to look at and be amazed by what you make and do.

There are readers who are going to read every email you write, piece of fiction/non fiction or blog post….because it’s made by…YOU.

There’s a slot for you in this world both online and offline, it just takes a little courage to set up your stall.

If you can get over these 3 hurdles and see them for what they are, you’re going to make it.

If not, you’ll run back to the security of a 9-5, that funny enough, doesn’t provide you with any. 🙁

WriteCome came about because I got over these a while back.

What’s your hurdle?

PS – Now go out there and kick it’s butt!