If You Wanna Fly You Gotta Jump

…sure you could start from the safety of the ground and run around flapping your wings…but to take yourself to a cliff and toss yourself off, that’s another thing altogether.

Most people go with the first option. That’s if they do even do that, because flapping your wings is ‘work’ and what if somebody sees me?

Plus the ground’s only a couple of inches from your feet if you do lift off. – Less damage to the ego if you crash and end up on on your ass.

But to stand on the edge of a cliff and know there’s nothing there to catch you, that takes balls. Or Stupidity.

The worst that can happen…you plummet to the ground, make a huge public show of yourself, and give the gossips something to talk about.

That is, until your slot on the daily gossip news feed is taken over by someone else who failed miserably.

The middle option – You go to the cliff face, knowing you’re not ready. And you jump. You panic, try flapping your wings, and nothing happens until you’re a few feet from the ground and you glide in to a safe landing.

You realise you haven’t got what it takes just yet, but that experience has got you excited to try again and next time you know you won’t panic.

The ideal option – You stand on the edge, leap off into the wind and it catches  your wings and before you know you’re soaring higher than where you started from.

For most of us, this may probably never happen, unless we’re gifted in the area we’re jumping into.

Me. I spent a lot of my life wanting to fly, but always choosing the safe option, the one close to the ground.

What if I fail?
What if people laugh at me?
What if it’s a total waste of my time?
What if I can’t do it?

Thing is….when you try cliff jumping you find out a lot about yourself. You find out what you can do, and can’t do, a lot quicker than waiting for the right time, the perfect moment.

– You’re never going to ready to write that book.
– You’re never going to be ready to start that blog
– You’re never going to be ready to write that first email to your list.
– You’re never going to be ready for creating your fist audio, or video course.

Life’s not trademarked by Disney, so you’re never going to have that perfect movie moment in life.

Trying to fly close to the ground, never taught me that I could write a book, write a daily email, create videos, audios, and more.

Being stupid and closing my eyes and jumping, opened my eyes to all those opportunities and achievements. I also found they were a lot easier to do, than the big mental hurdles I built in my head.

On Monday I hired someone to do an intro and an outro for a podcast.

Am I ready to do it? – No.
Have I got the right equipment? – No
Do I know what I’m doing? – No

Thing is…

I also don’t know how successful it’ll be?
I don’t know the people I’ll meet through it?
I also won’t know if it’s something I want to do long term?

I’ll only learn, by tossing myself in it. And then we’ll both get the answer to those questions.

In Clever Content Creation, I said that you can create a podcast episode by repurposing your content.

There’s no reason why you can’t do the same. Oh, and you can sell the report too.

But only if you pick it up here.

PS – Go and take a flying jump!

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