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If You’re Deluded, Keep Scrolling

…what’s the future going to be like for you?

All mansions, six-packs, working at the beaches, sports cars,  and huge bank balances?

That sure sounds nice.

But the truth is, as Joesph Murphy summed well in this quote…

‘Your future is your present all grown up.’

Roll that around in your noggin for a moment.

Not working on the six-pack?

Not working on your business?

Not working on becoming a better version of you?

Multiply that by 30 days, 180 days, or 365 days.

30 x 0 = 0

180 x 0 = 0

365 x 0 = 0

That’s what the future will hold…nothing.

No changes.

No big lifestyle.

No telling your boss to take a hike.


‘Your future is your present all grown up.’

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Have a good one!

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