“I’ll Tortoise The Hell Out Of You.”

…when asked how he’d compete with anyone in a niche, Dan Meredith dropped these words of wisdom.

“I’ll tortoise the hell out of you.”

Seven words, that can make a big difference to your business.

Doesn’t matter who you’re up against.

Or what talent they have.

When you show up relentlessly, day after day, week after week, month after month…you’re always going to catch up on your competition.

They’re gonna take days off.

They’re gonna rest of their laurels.

And they’re going to rely on talent to keep them ahead of the pack.

But like that hare and tortoise race, there will come a time when that slow and steady pace will have you head to head with your competition…if not leaving them in your dust.

Nobody wants the slow and steady path though.

It’s not sexy, and requires a lot of showing up, something most people never want to do.

‘Give me the American Idol audience now,’ they say.

And not the slow build that happened, playing in bars and clubs to a handful of people at a time.

We all know how fickle an instant audience can be.

Here today, and gone tomorrow.

The lifelong fans though…they’re always around.

“I’ll tortoise the hell out of you.”

Words worth thinking about.


Barry J McDonald.

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