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I’m Blowing My Own Trumpet Today

I'm Blowing My Own Trumpet Today
I’m Blowing My Own Trumpet Today

…drum roll, please!

Yesterday, I recorded the 500th episode of the WriteCome podcast.

Yep, 500 episodes.

What have I learned from recording all those episodes?

It was hard, and it was easy.

Anyone could record 500 episodes. – That’s the easy bit.

But do it consistently? – That’s the tough bit.

It’s tough showing up day after day.

It’s tough when no one is paying you any attention.

But it’s doable.

Anyone can eat an elephant, but you’ve got to take it a piece at a time.

Sometimes looking ahead, that thing you’re looking to achieve can seem like a daunting thing.

And in those moments, it’s best to just keep looking at your feet as you’re walking.

That means working on what you need to do each day. And then doing that thing every single day.

Each of those days is a footstep.

But it’s a footstep that’s taking you closer to your goal.

Now, I don’t know if there are many podcasts with 500 episodes.

Or many that have recorded that many in the space of time I did it in.

But I got there.

And so can you.

It’s tough.

But it’s also really easy to do.

It’s you that just thinks it’s impossible.


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