I’m Getting Soft In My Old Age

…in our house when I was small, there used to be a rule….’Don’t let Barry watch a Lassie movie.’


Because little Barry took everything to heart and never got his head around the fact that Lassie was an actor in his own right.

And when he got shot at, locked up, or tossed down a well……don’t know if that really happened….but if it did, well, it was all pretend.

I used to look up from behind a clutched cushion….’Is he going to be alright?’ My face covered with snot. ‘Is he?’

‘Turn it over someone…’

And that’s what usually happened.

I’ve grown up since then, though my wife might argue that point, but lately, I don’t know if I’m getting sentimental or soft, but the old tear glands have made an appearance again.

Take for example the other day when Catherine and I got tickets to the ‘The Greatest Showman’ movie.

Between song lyrics, people following their dreams, and that love scene between Zac Effron and Zendaya, I swear it was Lassie time all over again.

‘There, there, they’ll be OK,’ my wife smirked.

‘You think so…because….’

Even listening to the soundtrack yesterday brought the tears back.

I swear I think I need to go on a binge of Rambo movies or something to shrink those tear glands up.

Anyhoo…taking that softheadedness a little further, I’ve just posted a video here.

A word of warning though…it’s an hour long, and on the topic of brainstorming a book and that steps you should follow in writing one. You can find it here.

If you like it, or know someone that it might help, feel free to toss it out on your social networks.

*Oh and if you haven’t got a clue who Lassie was, she was a doggie actor from the good old days when movies weren’t all sequels. 🙂

PS – Now I’m away off to watch that love scene on Youtube for the millionth time.