I’m Kinda Like The Guy From The Samaritans.

…Robert Southey once said…

‘I am the founder of the Samaritans. I am the only man in the world who cannot commit suicide.’

That’s what happens when people put their trust in you. – If you go, who do they have to rely on?

In my own case, there’s no point in me telling you that you can make money from your content and then give up up after two weeks when I can’t do it.

Same goes with sending emails.

Apart from them brightening your day – thanks Lynn – it’s knowing that someone out there is expecting my brain fart each day, that forces me to write one.

People are watching. – Not only me, but you too.

You mightn’t think it, but there may be someone out there that’s looking to you for inspiration and a guiding

Show them that you keep getting up when you’re knocked down, that you’re there every day, and they believe in themselves a little more that they can do it too.

If he/she can do that I can do it too.

Will you ever know that they’re watching you? – Probably not.

There’s probably people who have gone through my content that I’ll never meet, or know about, that I’ve made a difference in their life.

Same goes for you.

The easiest thing to do is quit. – But…what if you’re going to burst someone else’s bubble by doing so?

Sure, it puts pressure on you knowing this. But it also doesn’t give you an easy excuse to give up – knowing you could also be responsible for someone’s success.

‘Yeah, Barry, but….who would be watching me?’

– Your kids
– Family
– Friends
– And your fans…..for starters.

Who knows who you could pull along in your wake?

Keep going if only for this reason.