I’m More Like The Czech Republic….

…seems the old Czech Republic has cottoned on to a great way of boosting jobs in the printing and publishing business.

How? You ask.

They’re going to make books tax deductible for employees.

In Slovakia where they tried it out, it became the third biggest tax deduction employees were using.

Now how many of those were  read…I don’t know…but imagine that?

A side effect of it might be a brighter country?

Which makes a change from the dumbing down most do. My own included.

Seemingly they always find money for a tank or a rifle….education, well that’s a
different story.

‘Educated people think…and we don’t want that.’

That’s like my new coloring book course, seems not everyone wants you to get a copy.

Some affiliate partners have gone silent at the thought of offering it to their lists.

Which honestly I don’t mind. It’s not for everyone.

Suppose that makes me more like the Czech Republic.

Super Simple Coloring Books

PS –  It also gives you an added advantage that the others are missing out on.

Lower image costs, and no costly software to use.

I should get the Nobel Publishing Prize or something.  🙂

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