I’m Not That Kinda Person. Really, I’m Not.

…over the years when I tell people that I’m an author with books in the Amazon store, I love to watch their eyes light up.


‘Yeah, and it’s not that difficult.’

‘I’d love to write a book, but I wouldn’t…
(pick any of the following)
– be any good
– have the time to do it
– be dedicated enough
– have the talent for it.’

After those words are said I can see the mental shutter come down and that dream is taken kicking and screaming back into the vault with all the other dreams they have.

And it all comes down to this excuse…

I’m not that kind of person.

Thing is, the majority of people aren’t that type of person.

None of us came with a note attached saying he or she was going to be an author, singer, musician, teacher, or whatever.

We never came into this world as a ‘type of person’ but put that identity on ourselves or listened to bigger idiots who thought they knew better.

And for the majority of people they’ll never get that role out of their head, until they’re faced with a life changing illness like cancer.

Then when the clocks ticking and they look back at their life, it’s the huge kick in the butt they need to wake up from the kind of person they were.

Five minutes later, they’re tossing themselves out of planes, walking hundreds of miles across the country, or firing up the laptop to start work on that book they’ve always wanted to write.

And for them getting cancer was the greatest thing that ever happened to them.

So what about you?

What are you not the kinda person for?

Because if you’re not that kinda person, I know deep down you’re not happy with the kind of person you’ve chosen to be.

My own mother is a prime example of this.

All her life she’s wanted to study archaeology. Yet, she’s never taken a step in that direction, never even bought a book on the subject. Why?

Because she’s not that type of person. And that dream will go to her grave never seeing even one day of sunlight.

If you’re not happy with the kind of person you are, you don’t have to choose it for a minute longer.  There are so many other and better ‘kinds of other people’ you could choose from.

Take me and podcasting.

For the longest time I used to listen to them. Make one?

Yeah, right, I’m not that kind of person.

Yesterday I became that kind of podcasting person. – You can listen to the first episode here.  

PS – And already I’m liking this new kinda podcasting person I’ve become.