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I’m Throwing Down A Gauntlet…Think You’re Up For It?

…now the other day I had a great brain wave, well I thought I did, anyway.

‘How about showing folks how to make a digital product of their own?’ Part of my brain said. – The bit that hadn’t thought things through.

‘Yeah, that would be cool.’ A lot of you replied

‘I want to make a product on this.’

‘And I want to make a product on that.’

And before Barry realized what he’d done. – He’d bitten off more than he could chew.

For one, showing someone how to make a product is both easy and hard.

Easy, as in, I could make one right now in an hour or less. – With the help of some screen capture software.

Hard, as in, if you’ve never done one before you’re going to drag your heels and fight me every step along the way.

You’re going to think…

‘I can’t do this.’

‘I’m not an expert.’

‘Why would anyone listen to anything I say?’

‘Why would anyone send me money for something I made?’

How do I know?

Because I told myself that bull for the longest time.

And it was only after the third product or so, that I stopped listening to that voice.

So to see if you’ve really got the chops for this ‘creating a digital product lark’ I’m throwing down a gauntlet.

Now only to show me, but to show you that you can do it.

I want you to create a product?

‘About what?’ says you.

I want you to create a product based on someone else’s work.

‘Huh?’ I hear you say.

Well for one, it’s a good place to start because you’re not looking at a blank screen wondering what to make.

And two, the pressure’s off you. By the end, you’ll have something you can give away, sell PLR rights to, or just leave on your hard drive.

But, you’ve broken your duck.

You’ve just shown yourself that creating a digital product is something that even ‘you’ can do.

Side Note – That’s how two of my most profitable courses came about, using products that weren’t even mine.

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Or you could dream on and wonder what might have been.

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