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Imagine For A Moment…

…that you’re playing a game of football.

And it’s you that’s been picked to take the penalty kick.

You step back, take a run-up, and plant it in the top left-hand corner.

Pleased with yourself, you run to the opposition’s side and stand in front of the crowd.

The comments ain’t too pretty.

Someone hopes you break a leg.

Another, hopes you die in a fiery crash.

Another, screams that he hopes something nasty happens to a family member of yours.

Tough crowd, right?

Thing is, you chose to go there.

You could have run to your fans and celebrated your success.

Over there, a shirt thrown in the crowd would have sent them bananas. – And if you were female, even more so 🙂

Crazy, right?

To pay attention to people that don’t like you.

To think that you could win over your opponents to your side.

Waste of time, right?

And yet you’re doing it right now.

Giving attention to cutting book reviews.

Giving attention to people that tell you that you suck.

Giving fuel to a nasty comment you receive on social media.

The opposition will always dislike you….always.

So why bother wasting your time on them and just focus on the people that like you and your work?

Now that’s a better use of your time and energy 🙂

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