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Imagine Paying £10 To Walk Around Someone’s Field?

Imagine Paying £10 To Walk Around Someone's Field?
Imagine Paying £10 To Walk Around Someone’s Field?

…a few months back, over the summer holidays, I did that very thing.

I paid £10 to walk around someone’s field.

‘What was in the field?’ says you.


Other than two picnic tables….and a path -cut through the long grass – that looped around the edge of the field.

And yet, other than huge dragonflies that freaked out my youngest son, it was money well spent.

The field was huge.

The silence was amazing.

And it was surrounded on three sides by the river Shannon – Ireland’s longest river.

Would I pay to go back to that field again?

In a heartbeat.

And that’s something having an online business will teach you.

Sometimes people will pay for things you don’t see value in.

Like the girl in Japan who sells her used bathwater to her fans.

You don’t have to go to those extremes. 🙂

Unless you want to.  : )

Monetizing your search history is probably something that never thought of.

I mean who would want to know the places you go to?

But I’ve seen people build huge TikTok followings doing that very thing.

In my own case, I pulled in almost two hundred bucks doing the very same thing.  – With only a few hours work. – And it’s still on sale.

Want to know how to do it?

Here’s how.

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