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Imagine Working In A Job You Don’t Like…

Imagine Working In A Job You Don't Like...
…and doing that for the 20, 30, maybe 40 years.

And the reason you’re doing it, you want your kids to have a better life.

Over ten years back, I remember asking my father if he’d miss driving.

He’d been doing it as long as I’d been alive but had to retire due to having a heart bypass.

‘Will you miss driving, now that you can’t do it?’


I couldn’t believe how quickly he’d answered my question and how short the answer was.


About a year later he collapsed and died while out walking the dog.

He worked in a job he hated, to put a roof over my head and feed me.

He wanted me to have a better life than he had.

Now imagine if I sat on my arse and watched Netflix every day.

Or didn’t push myself to be more than I am.

Or not take some of my talents and abilities and do something with them.

Those years he gave were a waste of life.

Those days he worked, when he didn’t want to, were taken for granted.

Maybe that’s a debt we all need to pay.

To show that that time wasn’t wasted.

That you’re gonna move the needle in the right direction.

When I write an email, when someone leaves a comment under a video to say that it helped them, I hope he’s looking down and proud that it wasn’t all for nothing.

That that sacrifice wasn’t wasted.

Have a great day!


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