Inviting Anyone Nice Back To Your Place?

…let me ask you…

Big and all as the Internet is, where’s your spot?

Where’s that little cottage of yours, with the well manicured lawn, surrounded by that white picket fence, that has the little post box with your name on it?

Your blog?




If I were to type your name into Google right now, would I find you?

Would I find your domain name mentioned anywhere?

If you’ve said ‘no’ to all of the above, you’ve got to wonder how your readers and customers are going to find you?

Lady luck?

Someone finding your book cover in a random Google image search?

If you’re not doing anything to get your name, content, or website out there, don’t be expecting folks to beat down your door.

Now, if you’re using paid traffic, at least you’ve got something in place. But if you don’t, it’s time to wake up from that day dream you’re in.

Know many offline business, that are successful, that don’t advertise?

The same goes for you too.

If I don’t know you, can’t find you, or know what you do, don’t expect me to become a reader or customer of yours.

Shy kids don’t get sweets.

Shy authors, bloggers, and content creators, don’t grow big audiences?

If you haven’t started, start building your spot on the Internet today.


…I’ve been playing around with a few ideas this past few days.

One was to create a course on video marketing for the shy types.

The other, was how to pull a PLR product apart of make lot’s of content you can use to grab eyeballs, and also
sell, with your own name on it.

If you’d like a course on either ….reply with an A, or a B.

A – A course for shy people who’d like to make videos.

B – The PLR product course.

If neither….and you’ve got a better idea…then let me know.

Barry J McDonald.

PS – Google my name or WriteCome’s and you’ll see what I mean. – It’s not impossible for you to do the same.

But get started.