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Is Anyone 16 Times Better Than You?

…in a study of sales in a company if was found that 80% of the sales were made by 20% of the sales staff.

Now if you’re aware of the 80/20 rule you’ll know that these figure pop up in a lot of places.

20% of your books bring in 80% of your money.
80% of your advertising only brings in 20%
20% of your email list is the most profitable part of it.

And on and on it goes…

But going back to the sales team study, they found that those in the top twenty percent made 16 times more than the bottom eighty percent.

And of the top twenty percent of the top tier, it was found that they made 54 times more than the bottom eighty percent.

Big gap, right?

But is anyone that much better than you?

Can you name one person that can do 16 times what you can? – without staff or outsourcing.

Can you name one person that’s got 384 hours in their day?

Can you name one person that can write 16 times better or faster than you?

What about 54 times?

In a horse race, sometimes the difference between first and second place is a head.

But first place takes home the majority of the prize money.

Was that horse that much better, or just a yard faster?

Maybe it’s time you got 16 times smarter?

How are you spending your day?

Getting distracted with social media instead of doing your own work first?

Keeping your customers in a book funnel or product funnel so you can increase your sales?

Building an email list that gives you an army of supporters and fans you can call on for help?

We’ve all got 24 hours in a day, are you being the most productive with yours?

PS – My new report Clever Content Creation is coming out today. Stay tuned.

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