Is Every Day Groundhog Day In Your Business?


Until recently, I followed a set routine that I did every day. First I would write my daily e-mail. Then from that, I would pull content out of it to make my social media images. Then I would take the same content over to the Facebook page and I would take the same content over to the WriteCome blog.

I don’t know what you’re like, but I am somebody who likes a routine. I like following the same thing over and over and over and over again. For some people that may be boring, but I know exactly what I need to do to create my content. I just go through all the steps and then when I’ve got it all done, that’s it.

But I never gave it much time to thinking could I be more productive?

Could I do something to mix it up a little bit, to get more done with the least effort?

It was only recently, when I had been watching a video by Troy Broussard, that I realized how he does his daily email. Rather than typing it out, he speaks to a camera, or into a microphone, (both on his smartphone) and he gets that content transcribed and sent off to his virtual assistant. Who then cleans up the text, takes it over to Infusionsoft, and then put into his daily e-mail cue.

And basically all he does is just talk to his telephone.

When I heard of that, that really blew me away. – That you could be so productive, and be so hands-free, and still be putting out a lot of great content on a regular basis.

So, I want you to think about your business like that, is there a better way to do what you do?

Because of what I discovered, I recorded the video above. And what I’m gonna do is, like Troy said, I am going to get this transcribed. I am going to add it this to my daily workflow, and I’m probably going to come across more naturally than before because I’m not worrying about what keys I need to tap, and what I need to write next.

For a lot of us, we fall into a daily routine that we never break unless we go on holiday somewhere. Once away from home, our routine changes. We may get breakfast at a different time. Maybe swim, or do different things we’ve never done before because we’re out of our familiar routine.

And that’s what I want you to think about. How can you get over the daily routine that you’re in at the moment? What can you add or subtract to make it more productive?

Could you hand off some work to a virtual assistant to save time? Maybe add all your daily social media content into software like or something like that and let them take care of it for you?

By doing that, you may find yourself more productive, you’ll get more done, you’ll take more stress off yourself and you’ll be a lot happier too.

So, as I said, think about what your business is like at the moment.

Is every day Groundhog Day?

Are you following the same routine over and over?

Or is there some way you can mix it up a little bit? Add something into your routine that will make you far more productive, and make you money because of it?

Let me know how you get on, but this idea I can already see, is going to make a big difference to my life.